Kitschploitation meets Sci-Fi in Jess Franco’s 1969 kink-flick The Girl From Rio – starring ex-Bond girl Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger) in the title role.

Eaton plays bi-sexual villain Sumura, and although not exactly shy when it comes to revealing some skin, here it’s not covered in gold.
When international man of mystery and playboy Jeff Sutton (Richard Wyler) arrives in Rio with an apparent $10 million bucks, he soon makes some rivals, two in particular: British gangster Sir Masius (George Sanders) as well as the aforementioned Sumura – ruler of Femina, a secret city which is inhabited only by lusty Amazonians (Franco regular Maria Rohm amongst them).

While it is Sumura’s agenda to rule the world with the help of her kinky ‚army’, Masius meanwhile is after Sutton’s treasure. Well ok, so is Sumura! Alas, both are in for a surprise, and the biggest one is a showdown that includes a squadron of helicopters attacking Femina (there’s a name for a new brand of tampons!).
Who will survive the carnage, and who won’t?

60’s pop kitsch, garish colours, outrageous costumes, and some fun scenes depicting the famous Rio carnival turn this flick into ‚cult’. It’s certainly not on a par with the far superior Barbarella, and Eaton is no Jane Fonda, but connoisseurs of the genre will no doubt be entertained by this first time UK release. Incidentally, the golden Bond girl retreated from the film biz after Girl From Rio. I can’t exactly blame her...

DVD-Extras include short interviews with Jess Franco, Shirley Eaton, and Harry Alan Towers.