New York cult director Radley Metzger could be described as a pioneer of sophisticated adult cinema - with several films dating from the late 60’s and early 70s’ particularly ground-breaking.

The Lickerish Quartet from 1970 is such a film. Hailed as a classic of erotic softcore cinema, the movie blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.
The story (and ‘story’ should be used loosely here) concerns a jaded, super-rich couple (Erika Remberg and Frank Wolff), who one day watch a porn flick together with their bored adult son (as you do when you are a parent…). Still bored several flicks later, the three decide to look for alternative excitement and visit a travelling fairground show. During a ‘Wall Of Death’ show, the son (Paolo Turco) becomes particularly enthralled by the only female motorcycle stunt driver of the show, in fact, he’s convinced she is the same person as one of the actresses from the porn flick he watched earlier on.

After the show, the parents invite the young woman (Silvana Venturelli) back to their castle-like mansion, and although still not sure whether she is the same person as the actress in question, the mysterious guest doesn’t take long before seducing her hosts. Hey, it's a Radley Metzger film!
What follows is a sensual and bizarre feast of the senses and the flesh, during which the viewer can never be quite sure what’s real and what isn’t. In one scene for example, the young stunt driver frolics about butt-naked with the master of the house – in the library to be precise. While the library appears to be real, the floor seemingly consists of over-sized words printed on pages from an erotic dictionary, highlighting certain words (sorry, I can’t repeat the words here…) as the pair progress in their lovemaking act. You get the idea.

Arrow Films released The Lickerish Quartet in newly restored blu-ray and DVD deluxe editions, uncut. The plentiful bonus material consists of ‘Audio commentary with Metzger’, ‘Cool version love scenes’, ‘The Making of’, ‘Giving voice to The Quartet’, trailers, collector’s booklet, and reversible sleeve.