Philips have always held a prestigious place in my head. The name stands for quality, innovation and reliability. Didn't they also invent the screwdriver?

Anyway, so I thought to myself 'why has it been so long since a Philips product (except the screwdriver of course) has entered my home?' So it was with personal curiosity and hesitant expectation that I moved the Philips Fidelio Immersive Sound Home theatre with 360Sound into place.

Easy enough to assemble the only initial concern being that as height and distance are of such significant importance in a surround sound set-up the smaller rear speakers did not come with simple stands in order to achieve the correct heights behind sofas etc.

My first film of choice to test out the system was Looper, one that had escaped me in my film reviewing duties.

The system delivers on all levels with vocal acoustics especially crisp,
Bruce Willis all encompassing, blunderbuss blasts worryingly earth shuddering and the physics of time travel ethereal.

Without wanting to issue any spoilers on the film I did get the distinct feeling that this system could have used the same mode of time travel to arrive in 2013.

Shifting myself purposefully around the room to test the Philips’ patented 360Sound technology I'd been reading about I was pleasantly surprised that the experience was not altered. With three drivers in the four stand alone speakers (forward, right and left - see image below) the resultant effect is to hit you pretty much anywhere in the room finally justifying the 360 surround sound claim.

Off-course it doubles up as a handy CD player giving you the option to adjust levels separately for your optimum enjoyment, with a handy iPod dock. There's also a wireless installation for the rear speakers with interference-free technology.

Apparently Philips didn't invent the screwdriver that was Henry F. Phillips in the 1930s but they certainly can claim to have created a 5 star surround sound theatre that would rival any on the market.

A cinema experience in the home that is set to heighten your film interaction and enjoyment.