Punchline is Edinburgh’s niche and unique night of live comedy. Housed in the glorious Usher Hall and providing the limelight for the most renowned and upcoming comedians, it really is a glamorous glimpse of the famous Edinburgh Festival. The next show will be on March 8th, and will be you, the comedy fans of Britain, your chance to see the biggest stars of last year’s Fringe, but more importantly, the even BIGGER stars of next year’s fringe. As the preparation for Punchline goes on, I had the privilege to speak to the headliners of the night Pappy’s.

Hello Pappy’s, how are you?
Good thank you.

Pappy’s is a collective of 3 people; can you please introduce yourselves individually
Ben, Matthew and Tom. In our show we respectively describe ourselves as "strong", "wears glasses" and "has a penis". Which suggests only Tom has a penis.

Your set is never a typical stand-up routine, tell me what Pappy’s is all about?
We do sketches, but we also chat to the audience as ourselves so it's a bit like 3 man stand up.

You’re 2012 Fringe show was entitled ‘Pappy’s Last Ever Show’, this is just a rumour right? (I don’t want to stir, but Dead Cat Bounce told me it really WAS your last ever show!)
We don't really know Dead Cat Bounce so I'm not sure where they got that info from. But it's not our last show. We just called it that to sell tickets. So we've learned two things there: both Pappy's and Dead Cat Bounce are massive liars!

Have you ever played in Edinburgh outside of the Fringe Festival before, and have you seen how beautiful the Usher Hall yet?
Yes, we've done the Stand so Usher Hall is a big step up. We've been there before for Silent Disco. So it'll be weird to be there and not hear 600 people drunkenly singing Living On A Prayer.

Edinburgh is a very different place outside of the festival; what are you expecting from your Punchline audience?
Edinburgh audiences tend to be lovely. And it'll be nice to walk home afterwards without being flyered for 137,000 student productions.

Also on the bill are Charlie Baker, John Hastings and David Trent, what are your opinions on the fellow acts?
That sounds like you want us to slag them off! We love Charlie & David. Both brilliant acts. We were delighted when we heard they were on the bill. Not met John yet but Ros, the promoter, assures us he's lovely. We'll report back...

Punchline shows are brilliant for putting on shows that are something a bit different – how do you feel to be headlining?
Honoured. It's a massive gig and a real delight to perform in a city we love.

The Punchline show is just one of many as part of your 4th national tour: what is your favourite city to play and do you have any funny stories from the road?
It would be wrong not to say Edinburgh, wouldn't it? Everywhere is different. We do like Treorchy in Wales. Not your usual answer but it's a great place. I think they're just delighted that anyone can be bothered to make the trip. As for funny stories? One time we hid behind a wall in a service station to scare Ben but it didn't work. So, no, I guess we don't have funny stories!

In five words, describe what Pappy’s will bring to Punchline’s third night of comedy?
Sketches, songs, strength, glasses (and a) penis.