Drunk on Love is an Indie British film, a crossbreed between Love Actually and The Inbetweeners; it is about love and how going on a pub crawl with your best mates can make any situation better and clearer.

Directed by David Bryant, Drunk on Love sets its story in Hastings, a small town on the seaside. It is Valentine’s Day and Luke, a 27-year-old-trying-to-be-a-horror-novelist, is grieving on his past relationship. His best mate, Brady, is dealing with his infatuation for Fred, his childhood friend. But Brady is a womanizer and Fred, despite being smitten too, does not want to get involved with someone as promiscuous.
Then, we meet Ariel, who is a rather mystic woman trying to make her long-distance relationship work. Last but not least, Angus is the kind of friend you want to keep close but also kind of away: he is high, pretty much non-stop and weird but he is happy as a room without a roof…

The cast is really good and has a great cohesion. The appearance of Uri Geller is a fun detail and Jane Asher’s performance as Luke’s nymphomaniac mother is to die for!

Drunk on Love is more than just a funny film; it is a great and honest rom-com in the way that it deals with love and its real difficulties: getting over a lover, changing for someone, bed surfing, trying online dating websites and being in a long-distance relationship. It is hard, painful and sometimes a waste of energy but that, also, is love.