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Gran Bollito

Gran Bollito unravels secrets of a pre-war Italian condominium with the skill of a cartoon magician. It is as though the sentimental treasures in Rimbaud’s ‘Le Buffet’ are brought back to life. Read more...

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John Barry's Golden Touch preview

Peek Behind the Screen with Bafta for some special insights into film at Somerset House. This series of talks accompanies Film4 Summer Screen and is your chance to hear directors, actors and industry insiders in animated and interesting discussions. Read more...


Pirates: The Captain Kidd exhibition

Avast me hearties, pirates have dropped anchor at the London Docklands Museum and invite to a new and fascinating exhibition about one pirate in particular, namely Britain’s very own privateer Captain Kidd. Read more...


Steve McQueen - A Tribute to the King Of Cool book

‘Steve McQueen – A Tribute to the King Of Cool’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a sumptuous hardback photo/passage book by acclaimed author Marshall Terrill, offering tributes and insights from those who knew him best: Read more...

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Wolf Creek

Imagine it – you’ve just finished university, the world is your oyster and before you settle into midlife monotony there’s that nagging feeling. A feeling of want, almost need to see our wondrous planet before we destroy it. So you pack your bags, read up on ladyboys and set Read more...


The Lost Boys

With the tragic and untimely death of actor Corey Haim this week, there would no doubt have been thousands of fans across the world mourning his sad demise with their own personal tributes. For me, there was no better way than to take a trip back to my teenage years and watch what I consider to be one of his finest celluloid moments. Read more...


Feature: True life inspirational stories on film

There’s nothing most of us like more than a good old weepy movie to teach us that humans after all aren’t that bad, and nothing clinches the deal more than being able to say “…and it’s a true story you know”. Having Read more...


Feature: Films to make to make you smile

There are some times when nothing but a big hug from your favorite movie will do to make the bad things in life disappear, if only temporarily. Meryl Streep's new film It's Complicated is another success story in Meryl's long history of creating heart-warming stories that Read more...


Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is Quentin Tarantino's hangout movie. Following the huge global success of Pulp Fiction, Tarantino has given the audience the chance to really get to know the characters by slowing the pace of the film down, and following the characters in their day to day life. Read more...


Pan's Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro is in quite an enviable position as a director and writer, able to produce mainstream Hollywood blockbusters such as Hellboy whilst also creating delightfully stygian films such as Pan's Labyrinth. Read more...


From Hell

When the presence of Johnny Depp fails to lift a film, its a good indicator that other areas of the film are seriously flawed. This is certainly the case in From Hell, which follows Depps pursuit of Jack the Ripper in the bleak Read more...