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Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story

Now in its 22nd year, Raindance Film Festival is Europe’s leading independent Film Festival showcasing feature films, shorts and documentaries Read more...

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Arcade Fire - Scenes from the Suburbs

2010 saw the release of Arcade Fire’s third acclaimed LP, ‘The Surburbs’, the title track video of which was directed by youth culture guru, Spike Jonze. Both parties seem to have Read more...


Jimi Hendrix 'Valleys Of Neptune'

As a fan of the legendary Mr. Hendrix, imagine my joy when a press-info came my way about 'a newly curated album of twelve stunning studio-recordings, never before commercially available on a Jimi Hendrix album’. What 'Valleys Of Neptune’ has to offer is not previously unreleased material, but different versions Read more...


Duran Duran 'Seven & The Ragged Tiger’

Duran Duran’s third album – 'Seven & The Ragged Tiger’ – was released at the back end of 1983, and really affirmed their position as of the top bands in Britain. 'Rio’ had previously raised them to real stardom, Read more...

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Pet Shop Boys 'Pandemonium: Live at the O2'

Pandemonium is a CD / DVD package filmed at the Pets Shop Boys O2 gig last December. The tour was a mixture of tracks from their latest 'Yes’ album as well as more than a smattering of greatest hits. The DVD Read more...


Fightstar 'Be Human' (Deluxe version)

I am not a huge fan of re-releases, especially ones that offer extra tracks as an incentive; it means fans have to shell out the cost of an album just for a couple of songs. In the case of the latest offering by Fightstar the re-released album is accompanied by a DVD of a stripped down (if not actually acoustic) gig at Northampton’s Read more...


Nirvana 'Live at Reading'

I've been waiting for an official release of this performance for nearly 20 years, so when I got a chance to view the screening of Nirvana's legendary Reading festival performance from 1992, nothing was going to keep me away. Read more...