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Adam Levine would rather be "badass" than be buried in a cemetery.

The 33-year-old Maroon 5 singer considers himself Jewish, although he has rejected formal religious practise to have a more general way of life.

He is unrepentant for his unorthodox Judaism, even though his life decisions Ė such as covering his body in permanent inkings - mean he cannot be laid to rest alongside others from his religion.

"Itís funny, people say two things: they say I canít be buried in a Jewish cemetery, and I think, so cremate me. Itís not going to matter to me, Iím dead," Adam revealed to Vanity Fair, when quizzed about the markings. "The other thing people say is Iím not going to want to be an old man with tattoos. And Iím like, yeah, I do. I think itís f**kiní badass."

As part of Maroon 5, who are responsible for catchy hits such as Moves Like Jagger, the good-looking star was at risk of becoming a rock-star clichť. Prior to Adam accepting his role as a coach on the US version of The Voice, he was known more for his womanising ways than his music knowledge.

"There are worse things in this world than to be considered what I was considered. I think people in the limelight - for lack of a better word - are scared of their own shadows. Especially with all the social media and things that bring a lot of attention to someoneís personal life," Adam fumed. "People worry more about what they should or shouldnít be doing, and less about who they are and embracing that."

In 2011 Adam joined The Voice alongside well-known figures in the music industry such as Christina Aguilera. Through the show Adam has been able to reveal his true personality, winning him new fans.

"I thought The Voice was a great opportunity for me to repair any kind of character damage Iíve done in the past," Adam explained. "I can actually speak, rather than be judged on just silly gossip, or someone not liking one of our songs - [neither of which] I think is a fair barometer for judging someoneís character."

The Maroon 5 frontman says that being part of a band is still his greatest passion. As the group prepare to start a US tour next month, Adam explained that The Voice will never beat his dedication to music.

"It just was something I loved so much that I wanted to do. Iíd been thinking about that since I was 12, and that passion hasnít gone anywhere," Adam said.

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