Daniel Radcliffe: Drugs don't interest me

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Daniel Radcliffe isnít interested in ďdoing drugs and being involved with a murdererĒ.

The 23-year-old actor rose to fame as Harry Potter in the popular fantasy franchise.

Since the final instalment in 2011 Daniel has gone on to star in films such as The Woman in Black, but the young actor isnít interested in pursuing a drink and drugs lifestyle.

ďNot everyone has to run around New York City and do drugs and be involved with a murderer,Ē he deadpanned to Esquire.

ďBut, yes, leaving Potter, working on new things ó more than anything what itís confirmed is how much I want to direct.

I want to write, too, but thatís what I know now I didnít know five years ago.Ē

His latest venture is Kill Your Darlings, in which Daniel takes on the role of late poet Allen Ginsberg.

The movie involves gay sex scenes, but the star insists itís all part of the package.

ďIím of the opinion: You take the job, you read the script. I was on set once for a nude scene with an actress who knew what was going on and then had a panic about the sex scene. I remember thinking, ĎYou knew this was coming and now youíre slowing down the shoot.í Itís as if Iíd read this script, then said, on set, ĎOh, actually can we just kiss and cuddle'í like an idiot. ĎCan I keep my trousers on for the sex scene' I mean, itís in the script. Itís in the script, you take the job. Iím not massively squeamish about sex at all. It happens,Ē he coolly stated.

Having portrayed innocent, young wizard Harry, some fans are finding it difficult to imagine the actor in risquť scenes.
Daniel isnít fazed by what the audience might expect.

ďItís shocking by the sheer fact that itís me. Otherwise, itís entirely unshocking that Iím playing Allen Ginsberg in a film about self and sexual discovery, and thereís a sex scene,Ē he said.

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