Emmy Rossum: People think I'm crazy

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Emmy Rossum is often thought of as "crazy" because she practises her scripts on the street.

The actress - who is famed for her role as Fiona Gallagher in the Showtime dramedy Shameless Ė plays an evil witch named Ridley in the new movie Beautiful Creatures.

Emmy likes to rehearse her lines whenever she can, but says she often scares off passers-by in the process.

ďIíll be walking down the street saying words, practicing, and people think Iím crazy. So when I see people talking to themselves, I never know if theyíre schizophrenics or actors," she quipped in an interview with the New York Post.

Emmy enjoyed taking on the role of calculating witch Ridley in her newest film role. The 26-year-old star added she'd choose "invisibility" if she could have a magical power.

"[To] spy on ex-boyfriends... But thatís what Facebook is for," she laughed.

Emmy's role in the romantic fantasy film was totally different territory for her. But the stunning star says she embraced the part wholeheartedly, even if she was a little hesitant at times.

ďI know thereís a dark side. Before auditioning for this, I [studied] the dark side. I like auditioning. I get nervous, and Iíve tanked sometimes, but itís a chance to understand the director and interpret the lines," she explained.

"I embodied the manipulative character whose retro glamour lures the boy over to the dark side.Ē

In a recent interview, Emmy revealed she wanted to get her teeth stuck into a part that was far removed from anything she'd done before.

"It was very much something that I was targeting as a part that I really wanted, it wasnít something that fell into my lap at all," she admitted.

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