Monica Bellucci: I have Italian DNA

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Monica Bellucci says being Italian is "in her DNA".

The international movie starís roots mean everything to her.

The passionately patriotic actress isn't afraid to conform to Italian stereotypes, as she is proud of the traditions that made her who she is today.

"Even though I travel around the world, Iím Italian; itís in my heart and I think I really am the place where I come from. I like the food, seeing my friends and my family is very important; all that comes from my culture," Monica revealed to UK magazine Stylist. "I keep Italian traditions going without even realising, itís in my DNA."

The 48-year-old discussed which Italian traditions she has the highest regard for. The mother-of-two explained that the lengthy meals which are customary in Italy arenít only about the food.

"People eat for hours because itís so much more than just eating. How a person eats tells you so much about them; the way someone eats, or doesnít eat, or eats less," Monica continued. "Itís a private moment and in that convivial moment of exchange, you learn so much more about them."

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