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British Legends Of Stage And Screen

added: 11 Dec 2012 // release date: 10 Dec 2012
certificate: Exempt // director: Anthony Fabian
studio: Odeon Entertainment Group // film length 360 min
reviewer: Claudia A

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This 3-disc DVD box set offers a fascinating insight into the lives and careers of several iconic acting talents emerging from the gloom of 1950’s post-war Britain.

Social upheaval and urban renewal called for different forms of culture and entertainment. It was a time of enormous growth for the British entertainment industry and new stars were bursting on the scene to lead the way.
Many of these extraordinary artists are still alive today. These cultural icons, whose collective memories and experiences are of incalculable, historical value, have taken part in this exciting new interview series called British Legends of Stage & Screen.

Consisting of eight forty-five minute episodes, and with archive material from the artists’ careers, as well as footage from key national events, this series is as educational as it is entertaining.

Starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Claire Bloom, Sir Michael Gambon, Dame Diana Rigg, Sir Christopher Lee, Glenda Jackson, Michael York and Sir Ian McKellen, the DVD-set is a must-have for any connoisseur of British cinema and a wonderful trip down memory lane.

Sir Michael Gambon’s memories of his roles in ‘The Singing Detective’ and ‘The Cook, the Thief, the Wife,The Lover’ are both informative as well as riotous!
Claire Bloom lovingly recalls her first encounter with the great Charlie Chaplin (who ended up offering the only 21-year old Bloom the lead in his film ‘Limelight’), while Sir Christopher Lee expresses his eternal disapproval of the poor scripts that Hammer Films gave him for the part of ‘Dracula’.
Fans of the 1972 hit movie ‘Cabaret’ can listen to first-hand anecdotes from actor Michael York, while Sir Diana Rigg fondly remembers her audition for the part of Emma Peel in the cult series ‘The Avengers’.
Equally entertaining and interesting are the interviews with Glenda Jackson and Sir Ian McKellen.

British Legends Of Stage & Screen makes for a great gift for all the family!

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