(Cover) - EN Movies - John Cusack has compared his film career to a successful baseball player.

The actor has appeared in a wealth of successful Hollywood movies. However, the star remains modest about his achievements.

“I think it’s like 63 or something. I said 10 or 20 are good,” he confirmed when asked about once saying he only thought 10 of his movies were first-rate.

“In baseball, if you hit three balls out of ten, you’re a star, right?” he smiled. “I like The Raven, High Fidelity. Being John Malkovich was a good one.”

John is starring in The Raven alongside Alice Eve and Luke Evans. He fictionally portrays Edgar Allan Poe during the last days of his life.

The star was fascinated by the poet’s complicated personality.

“He was a romantic but a pretty deranged character. I didn’t know much about him before starting the film. As I researched, I found he had such a tortured life,” he explained to BBC Breakfast.

“There’s a bunch of theories [about how he died]. His life is as mysterious as his stories.”

John also co-produced movies such as High Fidelity and Grace Is Gone. The 45-year-old has explained his reasoning for stepping out of the spotlight at times.

“Actors are lovely. I love actors. They’re great to work with. It’s never the actors. I sort of produced so I didn’t have to work with some of the producers,” he deadpanned.

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