(Cover) - EN Movies - Taylor Kitsch is determined to play totally different roles throughout his career.

The Hollywood hunk is promoting his new movie Battleship, in which a navy fleet battle an alien invasion.

The star enjoyed shooting the release as it is so different to what he has worked on before. He plans to keep stretching himself with the parts he takes on as the thought of stagnating is terrifying to him.

“I think it’s more making an opportunity for yourself, for me personally, and it’s a matter of still playing completely different guys. John Carter to Battleship, to before that doing a lot of independents and then coming in and ending this year with Oliver Stone’s Savages with John Travolta and Uma Thurman,” he explained. “It’s a matter of really kind of switching it up and making sure you guys can’t really pigeonhole me as well. It’s been an amazing ride so far.”

Taylor lived rough before getting his big break but thinks that made him a better actor. He’s now thankful to those in the business who gave him a shot and has promised not to let them down.

“I think it’s just a test of how bad you want it,” he told UK TV show Daybreak. “I think it comes down to a lot of people believing in you too, giving you that opportunity, making the best of that opportunity – for me personally that’s truly what it’s become.”

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