Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, return to the Troxy for a Valentine’s Day special, bringing to life the enduring tale of love, exile and adventure, the iconic romance – Casablanca.

It is 1941 and the Second World War is raging. The Germans have taken Paris and occupied France.

Casablanca is one of the last free cities. The city is a melting pot of cultures, stories and sights. People are desperate to flee a tumultuous Europe and are looking for safe passage across the Atlantic to the Americas. Amidst the turmoil and the frenzy, Ricks Café Americain is a haven for refugees trying to purchase illicit papers and flee the fast approaching war. On a dark night, amongst the chaos, a world-weary Rick Blaine meets his onetime love…

Future Cinema invites audiences to step inside the world of Casablanca as the Troxy is transformed into the most exclusive night-spot in town, and join Rick and Ilsa on this whirlwind of mystery, romance and espionage. Gather around Sam’s Piano and join in the chorus of the Marseillaise, dance to Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra, dine at the Blue Parrot Café with food by acclaimed Spanish/North African London restaurant Moro, search for secret bars and discover secret bands, explore the vivid and wild Casablanca and re-live the story as never before.

Applications for identity papers are open now at www.futurecinema.co.uk/tickets.

Other news from Future Cinema: Following the sold-out Secret Cinema production of The Shawshank Redemption (October 31st - December 2nd 2012), Future Cinema reopened the production on Thursday, January 10th, with an extended run until February 24th. Court times can be booked here: www.futurecinema.co.uk/tickets.

Film Courtesy of Park Circus.