John Travolta was stunned by his wife Kelly Preston’s “strong physical presence” when they first met.

The couple have been married since 1991 and are parents to three children together.

John was struck by Kelly immediately when he first saw her, as her beauty was almost magnetic.

“Oh my god, first of all, there’s a strong physical presence to her because she has this amazing body,” he gushed to Extra in a joint interview with Kelly.

“I liked that her face reminded me of Grace Kelly.”

Kelly has a slightly different memory of the momentous meeting.

Although she thought he was physically attractive as well, the actress was more interested in his furry friend initially.

“I see him coming across the hall, seriously, he was one of those hot guys,” Kelly recalled.

“He had his two dogs and he came up to me… dogs are always a good trick to get girls.”

Kelly and John are huge supporters of the Heroes Health Fund, a charity that offers firemen, police officers and EMTs cleanse their bodies of noxious elements.

“First responders are exposed to a lot of toxins and poisons… whether it’s policemen with meth labs or firefighters with the chemicals they use,” John explained.

“This detox programme basically allows you to sweat those out of the fatty tissue in the body.”

Kelly is happy to be of service to these everyday heroes.

“They’re given a new life a new chance... these people who are saving our lives and putting their lives on the line, it’s just nice to be able to help them,” she said.

Kelly and John’s eldest son Jett passed away from a seizure in January 2009. He is survived by siblings Ella and Hunter.