Lupita Nyong'o knew she had created a movie monster for her new thriller Us when cast and crew refused to look her in the eye.

The Oscar winner portrays mum Adelaide Wilson and her creepy doppelganger Red in director Jordan Peele's new horror film, and admits even her castmates and crew were terrified of her on set.

"I would say the atmosphere changed according to which family was working," the actress said during an appearance on the Lauren Laverne Podcast on Friday (15Mar19). "When it was the Wilson’s it was all games and jokes, stupid dad jokes and whatnot and the set was quite light.

"And then, when the Red family were working the set it would be extremely quiet, everyone was whispering, nobody wanted to look us in the eye. Everyone wanted to get away from us as quickly as possible, and everyone would sigh at the end of the day, because they were so relieved that it was time for the Red family to go."

The new film, which also stars Winston Duke and Elisabeth Moss, follows a family enjoying a beach vacation, who are terrorised by a group of lookalikes.

Lupita admits she had a lot of fun creating the character Red and her "crazy" voice, but playing the dual character was hard work: "They’re very different," she recently said. "I had to go to some dark places within myself."

But she loved working with Get Out director Jordan Peele: "It was just amazing," she gushed. "I would work with (him) again and again. He’s the most passionate, gentle, believe it or not, and communicative, imaginative, collaborative director that I’ve worked with, and I feel I grew as an artist while working with him."

Us will hit cinemas around the world on 22 March (19).