The 'Santa Clarita Diet' actress has followed in the footsteps of Kelly Clarkson and has been given her own chat show, which will premiere on CBS in Autumn 2020.

She said: "It is beyond my wildest dreams to have this opportunity for a daily talk show. I'm truly thrilled and honoured to be creating this show with CBS."

Whilst Steve LoCascio, chief operating and financial officer of CBS Global Distribution Group, added: "Drew is a huge star and a breath of fresh air - her show will energise any station's lineup. We're looking forward to working with Peter Dunn and the CBS Television Stations group to launch this premium show in fall 2020."

Peter Dunn, president of CBS Television Stations, shared: "We are very excited to be in business with Drew Barrymore and have our stations serve as the launch group for a show that is the brightest prospect I have seen in many years. We look forward to giving Drew and our colleagues at CBS Television Distribution our full support to help this show strike gold with our audience and advertisers."

It is not yet known what kind of format Drew's new show will take on but Drew has been open in the past, previously admitting her "whole life was falling apart" when she split from her ex-husband Will Kopelman.

She said: "I think this woman is going through an awakening ... I loved getting to have that outlet. It was a safe place for me to spend my summer while my whole life was just sort of falling apart. I was just in a really low point and I read the script and it made me laugh and it made me feel something. It took me out of my own world that wasn't super pleasant at the time and I thought, 'Maybe other people wanna be take out of their unpleasant times and be transported into something that's cool and different."