Kristen Bell is more than happy to allow castmate Idina Menzel to perform all of the powerhouse ballads in the Frozen films.

The actress has shared that she's thrilled just to get a song in the animated films at all and likes to sit back so Menzel can hit all of the high notes.

"I'm of the opinion that when you have (basketball superstar) LeBron James on your team you don't try and dunk," she told The Talk. "We've got Idina Menzel. Just give me a song... a cute little melody."

Bell has recorded new song The Next Right Thing for the upcoming Frozen sequel. But she anticipates fans are going to be raving about her co-star's tunes Into the Unknown and Show Yourself, stating, "They are just gonna blow people's minds."

Among those eager to catch the highly anticipated sequel are Bell's two daughters Lincoln, six, and Delta, four, who she shares with husband Dax Shepard.

"They also already know the whole plotline and all the songs, and I have yet to make them sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement), so I could be screwed because they're pretty chatty. I've been singing them the songs for a couple years now because we've been working on it for two and a half years," she explained to People magazine. "They are very excited even though they know everything that happens. They were not as into Frozen one, they were only into Elsa and Anna because their friends were, but I think they're going to be into Frozen 2."