Sylvester Stallone cut scenes he "really loved" from the new Rambo movie because "nobody wants a whiny hero".

The 73-year-old is back as the Vietnam War veteran in Rambo: Last Blood, and the former soldier is unable to find peace as he is forced to protect his loved ones from yet another threat.

Stallone wanted to bring back Rambo so "that it’s not violence for violence’s sake", but eventually ended up sacrificing the scenes of dialogue he had written in an effort to please audiences.

"I understand that there’s a certain level of expectancy with me," he told Variety. "If I do a film, I start to sense that the audience is going, 'OK, enough of the acting, let’s see some actual physical locomotion.'

"I’ve written scenes for Rambo where he explains himself, but you have to let those go. We get it. You’re the product of a horrible war, damaged material. So all the stuff that I really loved, where he explains his angst, doesn’t really work. Nobody wants a whiny hero. They just don’t. Don’t talk so much; just do it. Do it, and also, don’t be vulnerable."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Rocky icon gave his scathing review of the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which have dominated the box office since 2008.

"These films now are scientific. They’re made by techno-wizards. They don’t have to interact with actors to the extent you used to, because the machines do the work," Stallone explained. "And that’s not to denigrate the actors. In a Marvel film, you’re not going into the subtleties. You’re dealing with a canvas so big, so huge, that it becomes to me almost like watching a fireworks show. You’re swept away by this magnificent display of technology."