Priyanka Chopra felt challenged in every scene in The Sky is Pink because she hadn’t personally experienced what her character was going through.

The Indian actress found fame in Hollywood with TV series Quantico and the Baywatch movie, and is frequently hitting headlines for her relationship with now-husband Nick Jonas. After the U.S. TV show came to end last year, Chopra made a brief appearance in Isn’t It Romantic before going back to her Indian roots with romance drama The Sky is Pink.

In the Indian-language film, she plays the real-life Aditi Chaudhary, who had two children, including Aisha, who is born with SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) and subsequently developed pulmonary fibrosis, and the actress admitted the character was challenging for her.

"I did Quantico for three years, I knew that character well, and I did not surprise or challenge myself for a long time,” she said during a promotional trip to India, according to “This film was scaring me in every scene. I am not a mother and I have not lost a child - and this role made me experience these two aspects - so I really liked that. I felt challenged to do such a role.”

The film spans more than 25 years, but Priyanka, 37, is not obviously aged during the course of the film and she explained that was in keeping with the real Aditi’s philosophy.

“Because of the biases that surround us, I also thought when a woman ages, she needs to look dowdy but that’s not true,” she added. “Aditi herself says, 'When life sucks, look like a million bucks’. She believes in that philosophy. So it was a conscious decision to look the way I look on screen."