The 'Long Shot' star was honoured at the 33rd Annual American Cinematheque Awards and she admitted she feels overwhelmed that she gets to work in the film industry as part of her longstanding career.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after being awarded the American Cinematheque Award, which is given to those who are making a significant contribution to the acting world, she said: "The job is such a gift. The fact that I get to do this. Things like tonight really makes you reflect on the journey and how you got here and everything that you've experienced and fought for. The amount of hard work that you put into it, but also the generosity of so many lovely people, and I feel really overwhelmed. I feel deeply overwhelmed by all of it ...

"And I'm just trying not to mess my makeup up too soon. I want to at least look pretty for a little bit before I start ugly crying."

It's been a fantastic week for the 44-year-old actress, who also picked up the Hollywood Career Achievement Award at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Asked what her favourite movie was, she said: "I mean, it's hard - they really are like your children. But I think 'Monster' was definitely a moment in my career where I realised the opportunity that I was given was a chance to show that I was capable of more and it did change my career. After that, I didn't have to fight so hard for those interesting parts anymore, and more opportunities came my way to get outside of my comfort zone and do things that were maybe not expected for me. I think from that moment on, I built a career that has kind of defined what I really wanted my career to be - not typecast, not stereotypical roles, but to really do things that are interesting and challenges the psyche of how we look at people."