The ‘Riverdale’ star has hit out at apps that let users slim down their arms, stomach, and thighs in images before posting them to social media, as she believes they contribute to unrealistic beauty standards and cause vulnerable people to develop unhealthy obsessions with their weight.

Posting on her Instagram Story about a particular app called BodyTune, she said: “This is not okay. This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies.”

The 23-year-old actress then urged her followers not to use “these kinds of apps”, and slammed anyone who does use them as “adding to the problem”.

She added: “If you photoshop your body, you are adding to this problem. This is how unrealistic standards of human bodies have been created - to the point where people alter their bodies surgically to achieve unattainable results. We are better than this.”

Lili reached out to those who feel their bodies “aren’t good enough”, but called on them to make sure they “don’t encourage this behaviour”.

She said: “Looking ‘skinnier’ in a photo on Instagram is not worth the detrimental psychological effects that these photoshopping apps have given our generation. Our bodies should not conform to ‘one size fits all.’

“My heart goes out to those people who feel like their bodies aren’t good enough. But please don’t encourage this behaviour.”

The blonde beauty has been a vocal critic of photoshopping for some time, and in March 2018 she and co-star Camila Mendes both hit out at Cosmopolitan Philippines for slimming down their photos.

She wrote on social media at the time: “Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have. That’s why I’m calling out @cosmopolitan_philippines. It’s sad that you felt our bodies needed to be slimmed down. But Camila and I are f***ing beautiful. As is. And you can’t ‘fix’ us. (sic)”