Hilaria Baldwin has opened up about the negative response she received from trolls online following her second miscarriage this year.

The 35-year-old, who is married to actor Alec Baldwin, told her fans earlier this month that she had suffered her second miscarriage this year, after previously revealing she was expecting a baby girl.

Taking to her Instagram Stories with three lengthy text posts, the yoga instructor hit out at users calling her an "attention seeker", "too old", and "disgusting" following the heartache, responding: "Losing a baby at any stage is rock bottom.

"Rock bottom sucks. But rock bottom is also eye opening. Because you understand and have experienced true pain. It makes the trolls seem even smaller than they usually are. Because no words they can use can ever compare to what you have lost."

The mother-of-four went on to remind her followers that miscarriages are common, and reflected on how she chose to speak publicly about her ordeal because "most of us stay silent".

"Just to know we are not 'broken'," she continued. "We are just opening ourselves up to love. And we should never be ashamed of this... even when it doesn't go as planned."

Hilaria concluded by saying her critics were "bringing a cruelty to the world" and "contributing to feelings of shame, fear, (and) insufferable pain", adding: "Our system is broken.

"Time to support and stop the shaming of women, simply trying to create family and love."