The 'Judy' star feels very lucky to have such a supportive sibling in Drew and praised him for helping her through her first "big public breakup".

She said: "He always has been [very protective], always. He’s my best friend. But he also helps me keep perspective, like with my very first big public breakup. And it was really difficult, and my first time to really be splashed all over the tabloids in a way that…it’s an adjustment. And he picked up all the tabloids that were at the checkout centre at the supermarket. He had come out to visit me because he’s like, 'I’m coming up there. If we talk about this one more time, I’m going to literally come kick you in the backside.' So he picked up all the tabloids, and we were riding in the car home, and his shoulders were shaking, and I thought, 'Oh gosh, he’s crying, too.' And I look over. He’s laughing so hard. He’s laughing! He thought it was the best thing in the world! All the things that they say you say or what you did. So he started reading them out loud in a [ridiculous] voice. And we were both laughing until we were crying. And I’ve always looked at it that way since, and that was years ago, decades ago."

Meanwhile, Renée also opened up about how she got into acting, admitting she would have turned to journalism if not.

She added to Vanity Fair magazine: "Actually, acting was the fork. I didn’t mean this at all. This was a big mistake. I’m a failed journalist, I guess. I went to school to write, and here we are! Good job! I failed the typing test - typing class with typewriters, by the way. They were electric. At least I’m of that generation ... I think I might’ve been one of the last generations of people who had that opportunity because now you start typing in kindergarten with the computer keys."