Will Ferrell distracts his sons' soccer games when he referees their matches because the young players realise he is Buddy from 'Elf'.

The 52-year-old actor - who portrays the grown adult who believes he is an elf in the 2003 Christmas classic - revealed that he feels "sexy" when wearing his referee uniform during a round of Burning Questions with Jennifer Aniston on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday (24.01.20).

Will - who has Magnus, 15, Mattias, 13, and Axel, 10, with his wife Viveca Paulin - told the 'Friends' star that: "I usually get through half a game before one of the kids on an opposing team is like, 'Are you the Elf? What are you doing here?'"

The 'Step Brothers' star also revealed that he dresses up as the Swedish Father Christmas, Tomte, when he and his Swedish spouse host a "huge" festive party for their friends and their children over the holidays, and he makes sure the youngsters, who receive a gift from him, "earn" their presents.

He told guest host Jennifer: "Yes, my wife is Swedish and we did this big Swedish Christmas party and I ... that's me (pointing to a picture of him in the fancy dress), that's Tomte, the Swedish Santa.

"He wears a very stylish tunic with a red piece of yarn.

"So we have a party for 75 to 100 people, including their kids, and we get names of all of the kids and Tomte makes an appearance and gives a present to each kid.

"So you have to come up in front of Tomte.

"Now, Tomte doesn't just hand you your gift, you have to earn it.

"It's intense. It's intense for me, it's a half hour improv session.

"So I put them through their paces and they are really nervous.

"But they are so excited when they earn their present."