The 82-year-old actress - who previously confessed that she "hates" the fact she's had several cosmetic procedures - has decided to stop going under the knife but admitted she struggles with self-acceptance "every day".

In an interview with Elle Canada, the actress and fitness legend admitted: “I can’t pretend that I’m not vain, but there isn’t going to be any more plastic surgery — I’m not going to cut myself up anymore. “I have to work every day to be self-accepting; it doesn’t come easy to me.”

The 'Book Club' star - who has previously battled with bulimia - added that she works at her self-accpetance by sharing "haggard" pictures with her online followers, like the time her tooth fell out.

She told the publication: “I try to make it very clear that it has been a long and continuing struggle for me.

“I post pictures of me looking haggard — and once with my tooth out!
“This is a fake tooth.
“It came out in a restaurant in Portugal, and I posted it.”

The 'Klute' star previously admitted she is disappointed that she had to rely on cosmetic operations to achieve a youthful appearance.

She said: "On one level, I hate the fact that I've had the need to alter myself physically to feel that I'm OK.
"I'm not going to lie about that.

"I got tired of looking tired when I wasn't. I wish I wasn't like that. I love older faces. I love lived-in faces.
"I loved Vanessa Redgrave's face. I wish I was braver. But I am what I am."

Although she's had to turn to the knife to keep her youthful complexion, the 'Monster-in-Law' star said she has managed to keep her slim physique by working out regularly.

She added: "Just more slowly now."

Jane also believes posture and the way she carries herself helps her look young.

She explained: "When I stand up straight, it's a whole different thing. Your age is less chronological and more attitudinal."