Millie Bobby Brown adopted a therapy dog for her 16th birthday to help her deal with anxiety issues.

The actress, who turned 16 last month, showed off Winnie during an appearance on Miley Cyrus' Bright Minded Instagram Live show on Monday and revealed the pooch helps her deal with all the hatred she experiences from trolls online.

Brown admitted she used to be so carefree when she started acting and first appeared in Stranger Things, but lately life has hit her like a brick.

"I really started having bad panic attacks," she told the Wrecking Ball hitmaker. "I'm working on it... I'm not as carefree as I was."

So when her parents asked her what she wanted for her 16th birthday, she asked them for a puppy.

"We have three English mastiffs... (but) I can't pick them up and I can't play with them," she explained, prompting Miley to reveal she too picked up a puppy for her 16th, adding the dog is still alive and lives with her grandma.

"They are just the best for anxiety," the singer said.

Millie also revealed that staying close to her family and a select few friends helps her to deal with the downside of fame and stay grounded, and confessed that she grew up wanting to be Hannah Montana - Cyrus' Disney character.

"I was, like, obsessed...," she confessed. "I wanted your job... I didn't even know you could get money for it!"

And when Millie had to perfect an American accent for Stranger Things, she took a deep dive into Hannah Montana, explaining, "The only way I got my American accent was watching Hannah Montana."

The two stars also bonded over their child star personas, with Millie telling the host, "Everybody still looks at me like I'm 10."