Antonio Banderas still speaks to his ex-wife Melanie Griffith all the time and says she will always be part of his "family".

Although the former couple divorced in 2015, they have remained close and Antonio, 59, says Melanie, 62, will always be part of his life because they shared so many "wonderful years" and have their "wonderful daughter" Stella, 22, together.

Speaking on TV show 'El Break de las 7', he said: "I think we are both reluctant to bury 20 years of marriage. We are human beings, we make mistakes and that is the human condition. You have to leave the egos aside and not want to prove that you are right or find who's guilty of what. Because it may be both or neither of you. There is a moment when things are over and you have to accept it.

"The life I had with Melanie was beautiful. We had 20 wonderful years during which we gave our best and lived wonderful moments that I will not forget. We had a wonderful daughter that we both love and that is the end result of our relationship, the most beautiful thing we have ever done together.

"And even though we are separated legally, she is still my family. When I go to Los Angeles I visit her and just yesterday we were talking on the phone. Everything happens naturally."

Melanie has two other children, daughter Dakota, 30, with Don Johnson and son Alexander, 34, with Steven Bauer.
Antonio - who married the 'Working Girl' star in 1996 - insists he is still very close to his stepchildren and they are still a big part of his life.

The Spanish hunk is pleased that he and Melanie have been able to maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of the children, even though they are all adults.

He said: "Our children, all of them, are very grateful we manage to do it all in a civil manner".