Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo don't recommend film fans return to cinemas when they re-open in the U.S. and U.K. next month.

The Avengers: Endgame filmmakers discussed the situation during a recent episode of their Instagram Live series Russo Bros. Pizza Film School, saying they fear that even with appropriate precautions in place, a re-opening is a "high-risk situation" they can't support.

"Everyone has a different threshold for risk it seems in the country right now. I think that really depends on what your threshold for risk is. But certainly being in an enclosed space is a high-risk situation," Joe explained.

"So there’s the question of whether we want that to happen, which we do, but whether that’s practical and safe and whether we could recommend it, which I don’t think we could. Just from the way I’m approaching the pandemic with my family is being very conservative about it."

He suggested that it will be a year or two before things start to return to normal.

Anthony added that opening cinemas was too risky right now.

“I am as desperate for the theatrical experience as you are, and also in general, it’s worn on people in different ways the limitations of what we’ve been living through,” he said.

“Unfortunately I don’t see myself getting into a theatre in the foreseeable future.”

Some cinema chains in the U.K. are planning on reopening from 4 July.