Lucas Till has confided that he suffered so much alleged abuse from MacGyver showrunner Peter Lenkov, he became suicidal on set.

Lenkov was fired from a string of CBS shows earlier this month following complaints about his behaviour, and now the 29-year-old MacGyver leading man is speaking out, revealing the way his former TV boss treats people is 'unacceptable'.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the actor said: "I've never worked this hard in my life, and I am fine with hard work... I was suicidal that first year on the show, because of the way he (Lenkov) made me feel."

He added that the way Lenkov treated other members of the team pushed him over the edge: "the way he's treated the people around me - that’s just my breaking point."

Till also claimed he was often subjected to remarks about his body, which prompted him to write a five-page letter to the head of human resources at CBS.

Following Lenkov's dismissal, CBS released a statement which read: "Over the past year, we have assigned human resource production partners to every show, expanded staff training and increased reporting options. We will continue to evolve our practices with continued focus on building trust with all who work on our sets."

Lenkov has denied Till's claims about his behaviour.

Following his dismissal, he issued a public apology, stating: "Now is the time to listen and I am listening. It's difficult to hear that the working environment I ran was not the working environment my colleagues deserved, and for that, I am deeply sorry."