Clint Eastwood has filed a lawsuit against bosses at a cannabis company for using a 'fake' news article about him to sell products.

The Dirty Harry star has sought 'an award of actual and compensatory damages in the millions of dollars' and more in profits from bosses at Sera Labs Inc., Greendios and For Our Vets LLC, who he has claimed are in on an 'online scam' that promotes CBD products.

According to court documents obtained by Deadline, the suit filed by Eastwood's attorneys on Wednesday read: "The fraudulent 'article' contains links to purchase what it claims are Mr. Eastwood's line of CBD products, thereby allowing the defendants to illegally profit from their misuse of Mr. Eastwood's name, likeness, and false association with their products."

The allegedly fraudulent article also indicated that Eastwood would be stepping away from the spotlight to put more time into his wellness business after struggling to balance his career and brand, which his lawyers have refuted.

“Mr. Eastwood has no connection of any kind whatsoever to any CBD products and never gave such an interview,” the defamation suit declared.

It continued: "Mr. Eastwood is fiercely protective of his name and image, and has rarely licensed either for the promotion of products outside of the movies he acted in or directed."

“My client is not one to sit idly by as the defendants use his good name to dupe customers into purchasing products with which he has no affiliation,” Eastwood's lawyer, Nolan Heimann LLP’s Jordan Susman told Deadline.

The heads of the companies mentioned in Eastwood's suit have yet to respond.