Helena Bonham Carter has joked she's planning to sell the expensive props she nabbed from The Crown set on auction site eBay.

The 54-year-old actress played Princess Margaret in season three and four of the hit Netflix show. She has now passed the role over to successor Lesley Manville but managed to take some souvenirs from the set before the gig came to an end.

“I got loads of stuff - it’s all going on eBay. I’ve got lots of pearls, though I’ll send those back," Helena told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "But we got real, proper props. There was this lighter which was fantastically heavy - it was pure gold, it was ridiculous."

"I was like, ‘How much did this cost?’ And they told me and it was just shocking," she recalled.

Helena became synonymous with the cigarette holder Margaret uses throughout her scenes. In another interview with Radio Times magazine, the British star said she should use the accessory as a baton to pass to Lesley.

"I feel like I should be handing over a baton, like this race we are all running," she mused, "With Lesley, I feel like I should hand the cigarette holder that I used as a baton. Here you are, over to you!"

Adding that Lesley is 'going to have a great time' playing Margaret, Helena added: "I’m so chuffed it’s her and she’s a great actress and she’ll have great fun."