Matthew McConaughey is looking forward to getting back to work after the Covid-19 pandemic passes - as he thinks brilliant scripts will have been written in lockdown.

The Dazed and Confused star has been enjoying downtime with his family during the coronavirus crisis while promoting his unconventional memoir, Greenlights, remotely.

Although large parts of the film and TV industry have shut down during lockdowns that have been put in place in countries across the world, McConaughey isn't worried about the future of entertainment.

"We may find in five years that this may be a golden age of creation," he told daytime TV host Lorraine Kelly.

"There may be some of the best scripts that will turn into the best shows. Maybe being written during this time when people were forced inward to take inventory, forced to stay home, forced to get more creative. We will see what art this time renders," he went on.

The 51-year-old has been enjoying the upside of lockdown himself as he, wife Camila Alves, and their three children have been able to see more of each other and his mother - who is living with them.

"We are doing relatively well," he said of his family, explaining: "My pantry is full. I don't have to work today to pay my rent tomorrow, like a lot of people do. Our three kids are remote-schooling."

McConaughey reflected: "We have been taking a pretty conservative approach to quarantine and we are getting by alright. A little better than alright, so trying to look at the greenlight aspects of even this."