Cara Delevingne has made the most of her role as co-owner of sex toy line Lora DiCarlo - by sending her pals some of the devices for Christmas.

The model and actress became owner and creative advisor of the female-led company last year and told Pharrell Williams on his OTHERtone podcast that she's been giving some of the toys to her friends.

“My friends are like, ‘I know what I’m getting for Christmas.’ You know, I was sending around sex toys. I was like merry orgasm to you,” she laughed during the episode, which dropped on Monday.

"But especially now - more than ever - I think it’s a really great time to enjoy those sorts of things," she went on.

Cara added that she likes to think of the products as "sex tech" rather than toys, explaining: "Calling it something like a ‘toy’, because it’s not juvenile. It’s tech... and it’s really fun."

And her new position has also encouraged the Suicide Squad star to have some more honest conversations with her friends - both male and female - about sex.

"I’ve had the most interesting conversations with my guy friends... I never used to talk about it," she said.

The Brit also has less fear in terms of telling other people what she wants in the bedroom.

"I would never say what I liked, or ask for what I wanted. I would assume that somehow they would eventually figure it out. Like, no, that’s not how it works. You need to ask, you need to talk about it, you know?" she explained.