Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley was left stunned and speechless when the star of her favourite film, Matilda, jumped on a virtual interview to say hi.

The Brit was raving about her "favourite film of all time" during a chat with Josh Horowitz for Comedy Central when he invited Mara Wilson to join them.

"Hi Daisy, this is such a pleasure!" the grown-up child star said, prompting a clearly surprised Daisy to state: "Genuinely, what the f**k? Oh my God, my heart is racing! Oh my God, oh my God!"

The Matilda star picked up the chat as Daisy was left dumbfounded and added: "I've been hearing for years that Daisy was a fan and you know I love her so much. I thought she was such a great actress, so it's such a pleasure to finally meet you!"

Wilson went on: "It means so much to me especially as I was such a Star Wars fan as a kid."

Still stunned, Daisy replied, "Oh my gosh, it's such a pleasure to meet you. I'm genuinely, I'm like, what the f**k?"
Mara then put Daisy to the test and quizzed her about the hit film.

At the end of their chat, Daisy thanked Mara for taking the time, stating: "You're f**king amazing, this is amazing, thank you so much. This is awesome."

She then told Horowitz: "My heart is racing and I'm going to try and sleep tonight and think of all of the things I should have asked her."