Emily Blunt was "quite nervous" the first time she met her Jungle Cruise co-star Dwayne Johnson.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, The Devil Wears Prada actress revealed that she lost her cool shortly after being introduced to her film colleague.

"I was quite nervous to meet him, I have to say," Emily admitted. "I know the ground rules. Keep your trap shut, keep it discreet and just blend in as much as you can.

"He walks in and I heard myself just go, 'Heyyy!'" she added, before tossing her arms out and making a funny face.

Stephen then referred to how Dwayne is very tall in real life, and noted that action stars aren't always as prominent in person as they appear to be on screen.

"I would walk next to him and people would take pictures of us walking next to each other on set. And I looked like his child. Like his tiny child," the 38-year-old laughed.

While appearing on The Late Show, Emily also shared a clip from the movie and confessed that she got the giggles during every take of the scene: "You can literally hear me laughing at the end of it as I run off-screen, there was not one where I wasn't laughing."

Jungle Cruise, an action-adventure film inspired by the classic Disneyland attraction, is scheduled to be released on 30 July in U.S. cinemas and on streaming service Disney+.