Rose Leslie has spoken candidly about dealing with her husband Kit Harington's addiction struggle.

The Game of Thrones actor checked into a wellness facility in Connecticut in May 2019 to work on personal issues, and he revealed in an interview last year that he had been addicted to alcohol and suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Opening up about his battle with alcoholism in an interview with Harper's Bazaar U.K. magazine, his wife Rose said, "For Kit, being an addict, it's very important for him to recognise himself as such... The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) community has provided such a loving space for him to feel heard, to make sure he's not alone. But if it weren't for rehab, he would be in a very different headspace right now."

When asked how she is coping, The Good Fight star replied, "I'm doing well. This was in 2019, so we're now several years into his sobriety."

She then praised Al-Anon, a support group for friends and family of alcoholics, for being there for her amid his struggles.

"I've learnt a lot about addiction and it's something Kit is forever going to be aware of, but it's on him whether he chooses to drink again," Rose shared. "No amount of nannying is going to be able to stop him from doing what he decides to do... I don't choose to put that pressure on myself. The responsibility of his behaviour is on him. It's not on me to guard him from it."

Rose and Kit married in 2018 and they welcomed their first child, a son, in February 2021.