Elizabeth Olsen enjoys playing characters who behave in a way people might disagree with.

When the WandaVision actress takes on morally questionable characters, she likes to defend their actions as if she's their lawyer.

"I love playing characters whose actions people disagree with," she explained to Harper's Bazaar U.K. magazine. "In a world where we don't really care to understand other points of view, I feel like if we as an audience can have empathy for people we don't agree with, that's a good thing... Then I can kind of be their lawyer and defend them. I get behind their actions, even if I don't agree with them."

Elizabeth's longtime Marvel character Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch occasionally falls into this category, particularly in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and she recently finished filming Love and Death, in which she plays axe murderer Candy Montgomery.

"I adored playing her," she praised. "People would ask: 'Are you going to play her as a sociopath?' And I was like, 'No, why would I do that? I'm going to try and understand how someone would be able to compartmentalise this until they were caught."

In addition to acting, Elizabeth has also started producing, beginning with the 2018 series Sorry for Your Loss, and she can't get enough of her new role.

"I'm addicted to it; and when I'm not even producing, I pretend I am - I'm probably awful to work with! I say 'awful', but people say that it's fine... But I really overstep as an actor. I want to know about full plans," she stated.