When it comes to film franchises, it is the MCU which currently stands as the market king. Having earned over £13.6 billion over its short lifespan, these films have earned more than even Star Wars, though to be fair they are far more prolific in their releases.

This pattern repeats in terms of individual worldwide gross, with Avengers: Endgame just eclipsing Avatar as the most profitable single film in modern history, bringing in £2.11 billion so far.

However, nothing in the MCU even comes close to matching the profit produced by the biggest name in entertainment. This is, of course, the video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Released on September 17, 2013, GTA5 has gone on to enjoy multiple releases over most the major platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. While exact numbers for the amount of profit generated from the game are not known, reports state that it has so far generated more than £4.5 billion.

"GTA 5 screen 2" (Public Domain) by Lokopixo
This record number was achieved through a combination of game sales, and additional user spending via the avenue of microtransactions.

The point of these comparisons is to illustrate that while films undoubtedly are more popular when it comes to mainstream coverage, they are far from the only horse in the entertainment race. This being the case, how possible is it that the two mediums might become more intertwined in the future?

As our readers will be aware, these types of entertainment are hardly disconnected already, with major releases from gaming to film being common pursuits. Some of these, like Tomb Raider and the original Silent Hill, aren't even bad efforts. That said, we will still caution against viewing anything touched by Uwe Boll.

In the other direction, quality adaption on the AAA scale is much rarer. This is usually because straight adaptions from film to gaming is a difficult pursuit, owing to just how streamlined film stories have become.

Instead of direction translations, the more effective methods of transference are commonly seen with looser adaptations. For example, the Jumanji or Planet of the Ape slot games from Netbet online casino seek instead to capture the spirit rather than the exact story, and these prove much more successful than most traditional alternatives.

Another example of this approach can be seen with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game being published by Square Enix. Rather than trying to directly follow the plot of the MCU, and therefore ultimately fail to measure up to the high expectations and difficult translation process, the new game includes an entirely new and original story.

By taking this path, the hope is that the game might borrow from the legacy of the MCU's recent success, while not muddying the waters of the official canon. In other words, the game seeks to take advantage of the film's popularity and, if successful enough, the same might also prove true in the opposite direction.

Of course, only time will tell if this effort will be successful, but in terms of the modern relationship between the two types of media, this might be as close as the world gets within the next few years.

As for the ultimate fate and crossover potential of gaming and film, this is much harder to predict. Gaming still very much an evolving discipline and, as we have so far seen nothing close to a killer crossover app, we don’t yet know what upper limits are possible.

What we do know is that a proper combination of the two disciplines could be worth more than either of them alone. The only questions which remain relate to exactly where the lines can and should be drawn.

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