To celebrate National Women's Day, singer Ashlie Amber has put out a fierce and beautiful cover of the famous Queen song "The Show Must Go On."

Women's Day "celebrates the beauty and power of women" says Amber. "Women are fighters and constantly the underdogs it seems, and to me this rendition exudes nothing but power, strength and unity."

We couldn't agree more. With a cover that is not only influenced by Queen, but Celine Dion and Lindsay Sterling, Amber's powerful vocals shine. Couple that with a beautiful violin and piano performance by female musicians Greta Salome and Nora Hyde, and you've got something incredibly memorable.

It all came naturally for them as they simultaneously recorded the audio and video in the live theatre. "We were in and out within an hour," said Amber. "Most songs recorded in the studio have multiple passes for each line and then are pieced together later. Not here!"

It's that raw emotion that one can see and hear very clearly in this performance, and it's that reason that this cover stands out as unique and special. It also is why this is a perfect fit for National Women's Day.

"This video is three powerful, strong, all uniquely different women coming together to do what they love," says Amber. "If that doesn’t scream Women’s Day then I don’t know what does."


If you're a fan of the above cover, make sure to also check out Ashlie Amber's debut original single "Almost Love" on Spotify!