Casinos have been attracting the attention by their luxury, glitz, and some kind of mystery. Not everybody was allowed in. Thus, legends were created. And those who had access to the best casino saloons were either among the richest people in the world or criminals.

Maybe that’s why casinos and gambling have been always the focus of attention of many film directors. Among the best casino movies, you can find both movies about casinos from glass and concrete and online casino real money options.

Casino – the Epic Movie of All Times
Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and a wonderful action have brought popularity to this movie. Though the plot is rather common: Vegas, gambling, casinos, and mafia. You might like it if your preferred movies are filled with violence, action, and the luxury of Vegas.

The Sting – A Movie Filled with Twists
All the events in the Sting unfold long before New Zealand online pokies were even in plans. Two con men are targeting a mafia boss. And that determines the movie flow. You can hardly find a movie about casinos filled with so many turns, unexpected situations, and solutions. This is a top-quality thriller, and if you like such type of videos, it is a must to watch it.

21 – a Movie Based on a True Story
21 is a movie that describes events that would be unbelievable if they hadn’t happened. The story tells about a university maths professor. He is traveling with a group of students and teaching them count cards. These trainings are made in the best casinos of Las Vegas. This movie is a real treat to those who love reading or watching about card games, winning strategies, or just those who love watching good movies.

The Cincinnati Kid
This is a touching movie about gambling and gamblers. The Cincinnati Kid, a gambler who was trying to make his way among the best ones in the poker world, competes against the best poker player of that time, Lancey Howard. After a long battle at a poker table, while the Cincinnati Kid was distracted in all the possible ways, he finally loses. This turn is unexpected and devastating to all the viewers who feel for the less experienced gambler. It looks like there are no chances left to the legend of poker, but the last seconds change everything. This movie has everything to keep you watching and enjoying it until the end.

Final Thoughts
Gambling and casinos have been always a sign of wealth with the note of something illegal. Thus, even those movies that have the simplest plots have a chance to attract the attention of viewers. We cannot call any of the mentioned movies a masterpiece but they uncover the life that was inaccessible to the majority. These plots also allow you to plunge in the gambling life even though you might have never thought of trying it in reality. That’s why they will always bother and attract.

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