Tracee Ellis Ross was pushed out of her comfort zone with her wardrobe in The High Note.

In the new comedy-drama, the Black-ish star plays world-famous singer Grace Davis, who can usually be seen wearing glamorous high-fashion clothes, complete with stilettos, designer bags, and a full face of make-up while out in public.

And while Tracee didn't find the wardrobe super comfortable, stepping into Grace's outfits really helped her channel the diva.

"It always starts from the wardrobe. It's like the shoes up. How is your character touching the ground? Although I do not love wearing stiletto heels at all times, although I do not love wearing eyelashes because they're so uncomfortable, Grace Davis does!" she told Harper's Bazaar. "I wanted her to be different from Tracee, because she is... I wanted her to be bold, strong, not afraid to be the most powerful and most eye-catching person in a room at any given time."

Tracee also considered the details of Grace's look, from her nail colour and eyelashes to her hairstyle changes.

"I really felt like Grace Davis was a woman who changed her nail polish colour with her outfits, which we did," the 47-year-old continued. "I really felt like Grace Davis was a woman who wore eyelashes, which I don't, but she did. I felt like Grace's hair had to always feel iconic. And so even her stage hair was sort of rock and roll and long, and then her other hair was sort of, I don't know, I called it my '70s porn hair."

The High Note, also starring Dakota Johnson and Kelvin Harrison Jr., is now available to watch digitally.