Nina Dobrev has been letting her skin breathe during lockdown and has already noticed the benefits.

As an actress, the 31-year-old spends a lot of time on set wearing make-up, so when productions shut down and people were ordered to self-isolate, she took the opportunity to take a break from cosmetics. As a result, Nina's complexion has become much clearer.

"In terms of straight-up beauty, honestly, I think the best thing that I've done for myself is I've been letting my skin breathe, and cleaning it, washing it, and then putting a lot of moisturiser on," she told Allure. "Because of my industry, I wear so much make-up all the time. My skin is so much clearer now than it was before."

The Vampire Diaries star has also been using a moisturiser from Augustinus Bader every night and getting more sleep than usual, although she is surprised her dark circles have not yet disappeared.

As part of her lockdown routine, Nina also ties her hair into braids each evening in order to give her locks a natural wave the following day.

"I'm the worst with hair. I honestly don't do anything. I have wavy hair and usually just go in the shower and let it air dry," she shared. "I've been showering at night before I watch whatever I'm going to watch to go to sleep, I braid my hair into two French braids. Then I (pull) them apart (a little) and make them bigger so they're not tight.

"I spray them with Magic Myst (Universal Elixir from In Common), and then I sleep in it, and it dries overnight in the braids. Around 11:00 the next morning, once it's really dry, I take out the braids and it's like this crimpy, curly situation."