Lupita Nyong'o likes to break the rules when it comes to her beauty and style choices.

Oscar-winning actress Lupita discussed her red carpet looks in an interview with Allure magazine, and said she relished being adventurous with her make-up and hair.

"Because I like to exercise my freedom – I'm lucky to be free. I didn't get a copy of the rule book so I don't know what exactly the rules are supposed to be, but I enjoy breaking them," she stated.

Lupita also opened up on her essentials for red carpet events, and she confessed that deodorant wipes are one of her must-have items.

"I think deodorant wipes are a really good idea. If they're nice, they're small enough that they can fit in a bag. Those days can be quite long and you can get nervous. I sweat when I'm nervous, which is not helpful in feeling fresh and clean," the Us star explained.

The 37-year-old, who was raised in Kenya, shared details of her skincare routine, and revealed that she needs to change up her regime if she's in warmer or colder countries.

"With a more tropical climate, things like shea butter will do the trick for me. Whereas when it's this cold, I need something a little bit more creamy, with more water content than shea butter has," Lupita added. "A rich cream that can really go deep into the skin works better for me in cold climates. I think it's also about humidity, so I try to stay in humidified environments and take long, long baths."