It's impossible to say that the launch of Disney Plus has been anything other than a resounding success for the world's largest entertainment company. Given that Disney has a worldwide fan base of millions of people, there was never any doubt that their new streaming network would find an audience, but we have to believe that the popularity of the platform has exceeded even their expectations. At the time of writing, well over fifty million people have already signed up to start making monthly payments to Disney in return for their content. That number is likely to carry on increasing in the months to come, too. Considering the fact that the service didn’t exist at all until late 2019, that’s an amazing number.

The recent jump in subscriber numbers can be at least partially attributed to the fact that Disney Plus is now available in the UK, which is one of the country's major markets. Hundreds of thousands of people - perhaps even as many as a million - have signed up for Disney Plus in the country, but they've found some curious omissions from the library of content. The Disney Plus collection in the UK is a little different from the Disney Plus collection in the United States of America - and the reasons why are quite surprising.

Even though Disney Plus is marketed as being everything Disney has ever created under one roof, there are a few notable exceptions to that statement. Here are some of the biggest-name omissions, along with the reasons why.

Fantastic Four (2015)
If we were being kind, we'd say that the 2015 version of 'Fantastic Four' wasn't well-received by critics. If we were being unkind, we'd say that it was a total critical and box office disaster. Journalists hated it, fans didn't want to see it, and most people involved with making it would prefer to pretend it didn't exist. This was a film so bad that it almost killed the whole franchise. If you go looking for 'Fantastic Four' movies on the Disney Plus UK service, the only one you'll find is 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' - which is itself a sequel to the 2005 film that also isn't available. It's generally thought that the movie hasn't been made available in the country because of a rights issue with Fox - although it could just as easily be the case that Disney wants to erase it from history. Given that Fox is now owned by Disney, the other explanation doesn't appear to make much sense.

Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
Bad news for fans of the 'Chronicles of Narnia.' You can start watching the chronicles on Disney Plus, but you can't finish them. The third film in the series, 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' differed from the first two in that it wasn't a project undertaken by Disney alone. They worked with Fox on the production, and it's the Fox issue that's preventing it from being added to the platform. Again, Fox is owned by Disney, so there shouldn't be a problem, but some people have speculated that the rights reverted to the estate of C.S. Lewis when Fox was sold thanks to a contractual clause. There has to be some reason why the movie isn't there, and that's the best explanation we've seen so far.

Several Marvel Movies
The situation with Disney's ownership of Marvel is complicated. The press isn't party to every clause and term of Disney's purchase of Marvel's film studios, but there appear to be a few of them. This became apparent when all of the old Marvel online slots games disappeared from websites shortly after the takeover. Marvel once had a whole range of character-driven online slots available for gamblers, but none of them are still online. However complicated the situation might be with regard to the online slots, it's apparently even more complicated when it comes to the distribution of the movies. You won't find 'The Incredible Hulk,' 'Spider-Man: Homecoming,' or 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' on the UK version of Disney Plus. Marvel sold the rights to Sony and Universal before Disney bought them out, and neither company has any incentive to sell them back to Disney. These movies may never appear on the platform at all.

Both Deadpool Movies
A lot of cynical people are happy to say that Disney will do anything that makes them money. We’d like to draw the attention of those people to the fact that you won’t find either of the ‘Deadpool’ films on the Disney Plus platform in either the UK or the USA. This is nothing to do with distribution rights, either - this is all about Disney being a family-friendly company and having limitations on what they’re willing to put their name to. They might own the rights to ‘Deadpool,’ but they don’t consider it to be appropriate viewing for their audience - and so it has to stay off the streaming service. This might even have implications for the potential to make any new ‘Deadpool’ movies in the future.

Song of The South
You are never going to see this film. Not now, not ever. Unless you’re old enough to have seen it during its first run in movie theaters - which is incredibly unlikely, given the fact that it was released in 1946 - you’ll never see it at all. ‘Song of the South’ has never been made available for home release owing to the fact that it contains a whole lot of problematic content. Without wanting to go into detail, this film was considered racist even for the 1940s. Under the more socially aware media microscope of 2020, it would be torn to shreds in a heartbeat, and Disney would also be torn to shreds for releasing it. A copy of the film is still believed to exist somewhere at Disney HQ, but it’s doomed never to see the light of day.

These omissions might seem significant when listed together, but there’s so much content on Disney Plus that until we told you they weren’t there, you probably never even noticed they were missing. There are tens of thousands of hours worth of content available through the service, and you’d still never get through everything in a lifetime of watching it whether these movies were included or not. It’s still best to go into any purchase armed with knowledge, though, and so remember what you’re not getting for your money if you’re still debating whether or not to sign up.