The movie industry will never fade away. So many of us turn to a Hollywood release or an independent masterpiece to relax in the evening after a long day at work. It’s the perfect way to unwind, and with so many movie genres available, there’s an abundance of choice. You can’t really go wrong, essentially.

Other forms of entertainment thrive too, be it reading a mystery book, playing a creation like Britain’s Got Talent slot at or firing up the PlayStation for a game of FIFA 20, but watching a movie will always be a go-to option for the vast majority. In today’s world, it’s particularly the case due to the emergence of streaming services such as Netflix, enabling people to watch all types of movies at the touch of a button. Movie lovers are certainly spoilt in that respect.

One aspect of movies that appeals to many film lovers is around soundtracks. With that in mind, we felt the need to celebrate some of the greatest ever movie soundtracks. Obviously, we can’t cover them all, but hopefully you’ll remember a few of these and, subsequently, they find their way on to your Spotify playlist.

Juice (1992)

Juice divided opinion, but its soundtrack certainly delivered. Starring Tupac Shakur in the movie, it came as no surprise to see some pure hip hop featured throughout. It was certainly refreshing at the time given the rise of R&B in the 90s, with the Bomb Squad's Hank Shocklee producing some killer tracks. East Coast icons like Rakim, Eric B, EPMD and Big Daddy Kane, alongside a whole host of others from the West Coast, featured throughout to create an authentic hip-hop feel.

Goodfellas (1990)

We had to include Goodfellas, didn’t we? When it comes to telling a story through the power of music, Martin Scorcese is easily one of the best. The crime saga is perfectly illustrated with a helping hand from some ideal tracks. From the likes of “Layla" to “Then He Kissed Me”, the music is an incredibly powerful addition to this classic film. Martin Scorcese took a lot of plaudits for it at the time, and it’s easy to see (and hear) why.

Trainspotting (1996)

A British classic full of junkies, drugged up rock and 90s techno, a key ingredient to Trainspotting’s undoubted success was down to its music. The song choices throughout the movie were perfect, be it Pulp's funny "Mile End”, Underworld’s "Born Slippy” and New Order's “Temptation”, it all helped contribute towards an incredibly powerful creation which tells the sad story of a hazy, drug-fuelled existence in the 1990s. The second and potentially a third movie can’t beat the first one—a British masterpiece.

Pulp Fiction (1994)
A Quentin Tarantino movie was always going to make the list, and it simply had to be Pulp Fiction. With tracks like Dick Dale's “Misirlou”, the Lively Ones' "Surf Rider”, Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell” and Uma Thurman’s "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon”, Tarantino accompanied the cocaine-fuelled, gangster mayhem with the perfect tunes. Not only is Pulp Fiction a timeless classic, but the music in the movie is also too.

Purple Rain (1984)

A movie about a struggling musician who can’t escape his girl troubles, this epic celebration of all things rock & roll is beautifully aided with the help of tracks like "When Doves Cry”, "The Beautiful Ones" and, of course, ”Purple Rain.” Prince, we thank you.

Special mentions to Help (1965), The Harder They Come (1972), Superfly (1972), The Graduate (1968), Boogie Nights (1997), Lost in Translation (2003) and Rushmore (1999).

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