Will Smith and Brie Larson have been in the headlines recently, following the explosive success of their YouTube channels. While not entirely a recent phenomenon, the involvement of these two and other celebrities within longer-form social media might indicate a greater change with how international stardom operates.

So why is this pursuit picking up steam within the active and competitive world of celebrity, and what are the most popular examples so far? In investigating, it might be possible to predict a greater trend and find an even more personal way to get invested with the stars we love.

Shifting Trends
In a larger sense, involvement within the likes of YouTube likely reflects the expansion of opportunities that the internet affords. This is typical in many avenues in business, with the full-time job of maintaining celebrity following established patterns from other industries.

For big business, a similar expansion leveraging digital technology is illustrated by the likes of Amazon TV. Originally starting out shipping books and then expanding into selling practically every good imaginable, Amazon eventually utilised its existing appeal to go into streaming. Now producing series like Jack Ryan and The Expanse, this diversification has made the enormous brand even bigger.

This growth is mirrored in changes made for more targetted services, such as the casino comparison site Superlenny. Traditionally focusing on comparing casino bonuses offers and available games, this iGaming portal now additionally contains articles for sports fans on notable scandals and events. In this way, they likewise leverage attention back to their initial brand and increase overall awareness.

The Biggest YouTube Celebrities

Will Smith

As one of the biggest movie stars the world has ever seen, Will Smith is not a man who needs an introduction. This is also one of the reasons why many found his foray to YouTube so surprising. For Smith, YouTube isn't for fame or money but is a largely a family affair, as he uses the platform to record adventures while simultaneously giving a voice to causes like Black Lives Matter. With 8.4 million subscribers, Smith isn't just popular among celebrity YouTubers; he's among the biggest names on the entire platform.

Brie Larson
Most recently known for her ongoing role as Captain Marvel, Brie Larson’s an Oscar winner still on the rise. She’s similarly well known as being very engaged with her fans, which helped drive her decision to create her channel. Sharing personal anecdotes such as how she missed out on roles in Star Wars and Terminator: Genisys, Brie’s channel went on to generate over a million views and over 200,000 subscribers in just one week.

Jack Black and JablinskiGames
With over 4.5 million subs, the Jack Black channel of JablinskiGames easily slipped into a position of instant popularity. Focusing on vlogs and gaming content, JablinskiGames serves as both a creative outlet for Black and a communal project for bonding with his son. By including celebrities like Tony Hawk and PewDiePie, he’s seen success not just for himself but also in supporting charities like the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Celebrity is about more than what you do professionally – it's about how you interface with the public. Given this reality, it was perhaps inevitable that we'd see traditional film and television stars push into the world of YouTube media. Not just serving as an additional creative outlet, such interaction also gives celebrities a better grasp on crafting a personal brand. These channels might not be standard yet, but given successes like those of Will Smith, Brie Larson, and Jack Black, don't be surprised if this begins to change within a few short years.

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