Anna Panova's new short film 'Point Symmetry' has just entered the festival circuit and will premiere at the prestigious Moscow Jewish Film Festival in November.

'Point Symmetry' was filmed in 2018 and was finished a couple of months ago. It follows Ute Gfrerer and Lisa Rosowsky over the course of preparing and crafting their evening program 'For our fathers'. In a perfect world, Ute Gfrerer and Lisa Rosowsky might never have met. In that realm, Ute would not have had to learn that her father fought for the Nazis in World War II, and Lisa’s father would not have become an orphan in France.


A video portrait of two Boston-based middle-aged women, whose parents were experiencing the extreme opposites of Worl War II. Ute Gfrerer’s father was a German soldier and a member of the Nazi Youth, yet Lisa Rosowsky’s parents and grandparents of Jewish descent were sent to Auschwitz. Her father Andre was one of few members of her family who survived the genocide.

The short film is be based on their past stories and the evening 'For our fathers' they organize, that is explored by songs and drawings as instruments of living through their grief and legacy. 'For our fathers' is a moving program of Holocaust-related songs—poems set to music by composers such as Kurt Weill, Norbert Glanzberg, and Hermann Leopoldi—matched with artwork that explores family history and memory.

Director Biography - Anna Panova

Anna Panova is a Journalist, Director, and Producer originally from Moscow, Russia. As a journalist, she contributed to many major media outlets, including Rolling Stone magazine. Since moving to New York City, Anna has now acquired years of experience in a multitude of skills for producing and directing videos as well as coordinating video shoots. As a distinguished producer she worked on a number of projects including award-winning short films ‘Paperthin’( 2018), that participated in many international film festivals including Toronto Queer Film Festival, Fullbright LA film festival, Last frame, I pride and many others. Being a multimedia producer she also worked on the theatrical show ‘How we love/fuck that played at the legendary Cherry lane theater in West Village, NY, the longest continuously running off-broadway theater. Her last personal projects are short films ‘Point symmetry’ (2020) and ‘Epiales’ (2019), ‘Light and darkness’ (2018)( Offical selection of Lift-off sessions).

’Epiales’ is a short film that was a part of DOC NYC 2019, the largest documentary film festival in the US. Anna fully produced an NYC-based film festival called Shortie film festival. During its first year, it collected several hundreds of award-winning short films from all around the world. The projects she worked on were featured in major magazines including V magazine, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and NME.