The comedy TV series “Cherry Bomb”, to be released later this year, is about young entrepreneurs finding their place in a world that they create for themselves in NYC. A journey of hilarious twists and turns with heartfelt moments of self-discovery.

Swarnima Singh initially auditioned for the supporting role of Whitney, and after brilliantly passing the 3 step audition, she was offered to play the starring role of Amaya, a bad-ass, no nonsense girl with a grounding sensibility, stuck in a love triangle, who faces a decision to make.

Her character evolved from the moment she took up the part, as Swarnima and the creative team collaborated closely together to mold and refine Amaya.

Ultimately, Swarnima Singh became co-producer, along with award winning actors, writers, creators and producers Mafalda Pinto, Quinn Cavin, Ryan Cairns and Ana Moioli.

It’s the first time for Swarnima to be involved in both acting and working in production on a project. According to her, the experience was most illuminating in terms of the work that goes into creating a finished product, from casting, location scouting to props and sending out call sheets.

“It just gives you a whole new perspective on things, especially as an actor. It seems less daunting now and I have a newfound appreciation for it.” --says Swarnima

The show is now in the post-production stage, and all the team are eagerly looking forward to the fall of 2021 for its completion and broadcast on Amazon Prime.

“Filming this show was about as much fun as the show in itself will be as a viewing experience!”